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Owner Matt Bowman has been in the Christmas business since 1996! In the early days,  retailing Christmas trees with his brother Jeff supported their passion for travel and adventure.  In 2006 Matt decided to focus his efforts on developing his humble operation into something bigger and Tradition Trees was born. Shortly thereafter Matt purchased a few leases in Jackson County NC, where he took over a small Fraser Fir farming operation, successfully making the business vertically integrated. We love being a part of Christmas to families and individuals throughout the country through our retail, wholesale, special services, and fundraising operations. We are blessed to have many dedicated employees both seasonal and year round who help the Tradition Companies make Christmas happen!



Tradition Trees operates retail Christmas tree lots in several American cities. Our retail roots are in Atlanta and now our retail lots bring fresh and fragrant Christmas trees, wreaths, and garlands from our farms to several American states. Each location not only offers our great products, but also an array of free services plus special extra convenient services. Each retail location will mount customer’s stands, secure the tree in or on your car, provide free branches and always provide a great shopping experience. In addition our local crews can deliver, install, and then after Christmas, remove and recycle your tree for a truly ‘Green’ Christmas. Our teams provide decorating services on home and business’s both inside and out! If it is has to do with Christmas, Tradition has you covered!



Tradition Tree Farms manages Appalachian acres in Jackson County NC and is partnered with other farmers throughout Western North Carolina. Each acre of our Fraser Firs provides enough oxygen for 18 people, everyday! We employ native people who help us throughout the growing season and harvest. Many more help us hand craft each wreath and garland using sustainably harvested forest products.

WHAT WE DO: GIVE BACK!! Philanthropy:


Tradition Trees gives back to dozens on local charities through cash donations, and donations of trees, wreaths, garlands and service. From our first year we have always given a percentage of every tree sale to a local charity. Starting with the Atlanta Community Food Bank, Tradition Trees has always encouraged the tradition of Christmas giving. As we have grown we have expanded the charities we support and are always looking for more. Please let us know if we can support your group here.

WHAT WE DO: FUNDRAISING! Christmas Tree & Wreath Fundraisers:


Tradition Trees uses our fresh and fragrant products as well as our deep experience to help dozens of charities and not for profits raise funds through Christmas tree and wreath sales. Our products really do sell themselves and adding a few basic sales techniques plus our easy and hassle free online ordering process makes raising funds during the last quarter of the year a breeze. Let us know if your group wants to make more money selling Christmas trees and wreaths by clicking here.

WHAT WE DO: WORK!! Jobs In The Christmas Business:


Tradition Trees and our partners employ hundreds of Americans year round and seasonally our trusted employees make Christmas happen. It is anything but easy! Nonetheless our fearless Firhandlers commit to bringing Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands, and decorating services to thousands of American homes and businesses. Do you think you have what it takes? Click here for more information!

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